All Your Questions Loony Tuned

So you have a problem. You've searched the Internet, checked the books and asked Aunt Petunia but still can't find the answer. Well here, my dear anonymous friend is the solution to all your woes. If you haven't found it there you will find it here because if I don't know the answer off hand, I promise to go above and beyond to the extent of my lounge chair abilities to find one for you. Failing all that if I still can't find the answer I'm confident one of my dogs guest writers will.

Send your questions to get Loony Tuned. Answered in thirty seconds or less guaranteed.

Small print: All guarantees, warranties and out right lies promises are subject to your question being more interesting then my current Facebook game. We do not endorse, represent or warrant the accuracy, reliability or quality of any of the information provided here. Any reliance upon any information, content, or services shall be at the user's sole risk so if one of the dogs tells you to ditch the husband to get a puppy and you listen to her, you just might be a dumbass do so at your own peril. "

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