Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Designer breeds" rare and exotic hybrids or just another rip off?

"Designer breeds" rare and exotic hybrids or just another rip off?

Goldenoodle, Labradoodle, Cock-a-poo, Puggle, Peek-a-poo ... and on and on it goes. Fancy names, fancy claims and a great big fancy price!

Well maybe if some of the puppies in the litter actual got that gene from the poodle side but the only way to be sure to get a non-shedding dog is to actually purchase a purebred puppy from a non-shedding breed such as the poodle or wheaten terrier.

Will eventually be recognised as a registered purebred?
This is the biggest falsie of them all starting 60 years ago with the cock-a-poo and growing. These mixes will never be recognised, at least not in your lifetime or mine so why pay $1200 and up for an unrecognised mixed breed when you can get the exact same thing by rescuing one of the millions of puppies and dogs that have been surrendered to the pound each year for $100. or less.
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