Monday, August 27, 2007

CKC Request To Ontario Dog Owners

CKC Request To Ontario Dog Owners

The Canadian Kennel Club has, through our Board, the Breed Specific Legislation Task Force and the tireless personal contributions of the Canadian dog fancy, been attempting for 3 years to enlighten and educate the current Ontario Liberal Government on responsible dog ownership. With much credible evidence having been presented to the contrary, this government maintains its position that Breed Specific Legislation in the form of BILL 132, will somehow improve public safety.

Internationally, experts in the field are agreed that Breed Specific Legislation does not work. Made in Canada alternatives have been offered to the Ontario Government; alternatives that are cost conscious and effective. These same alternatives, supported by the Canadian Kennel Club plus CVMA, OVMA, CFHS and NCAC have been ignored in favour of breed bans.

While the existing government is determined to follow this path, many members of the Ontario Conservative and the Ontario New Democratic parties have been vocal in publicly agreeing with us that BSL is ineffective.

With the upcoming Provincial election, it is time to question your local Candidates! Ask the following questions and tell them their answer will determine your vote.

“Are you personally against the implementation of BILL 132 – Ontario’s Bill to ban specific dog breeds? If so, will you commit to working within your Party to remove BILL 132?”

If the answer is yes, we want to know at

The democratic process offers you choice...Why not choose to have an impact?

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