Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Equipment Needed For A New Puppy 
  • Food - 20 or 40 lb bag of dog food depending on the size of the breed.
  • Puppy Treats - "Milk Bone" dog biscuits, "Roll Over" sausage roll, dried Liver snacks. No cheap dye and chemical filled junk treats!
  • Dog Crate - Large for a female, extra large for a male. We prefer plastic as it is durable, easy to clean and will contain the dog dirt and hair. Wire is acceptable and slightly cheaper but will rust with time. Blankets and soft beds are not necessary in the crate. They are usually just to make us feel better as the dogs generally find them too hot but a great thing to chew.

  • Metal Stainless Steel Food Bowl - Plastic is hard to clean, retains bacteria and germs, and is easy to chew.
  • Stainless Steel Water Bucket. Must be food grade steel not galvanized metal. Plastic horse bucket found in farm and tack stores is acceptable but is not as sanitary and can be chewed.
  • 6 Foot (quality) Leather Leash - It will last your lifetime with a minimum of care and is gentle on your hands when teaching a dog not to pull. Nylon leashes of the right size and quality are durable, easy to clean, long lasting and come in pretty colours but can injure your hands when teaching a young dog not to pull.
  • 2 Nylon (adjustable) Buckle Collars - Medium for puppy, large for adult.
  • Clicker - a small plastic box that makes a clicking noise to instantaneously mark and reinforce a desired behavior. We will demonstrate the benefits of clicker training the day you take your puppy home.
  • Quality (welded) Slip Collar - Incorrectly called a choke collar but when used properly is one of the most safe and effective ways to correct a young dog from pulling and making other serious mistakes that could endanger their lives. It should be sized to roll over the dogs head and ears and will need to be replaced with the next size up as the adolescent dog grows to adulthood. Not to be used on a young puppy. NEVER leave a slip collar on an unattended dog!
  • Fenced Yard and/or a Security Pen or Dog Run - a 10 x 10 x 6 foot chain metal fence that sits over patio stone or cement in a semi-shaded area. These portable runs are invaluable for ensuring the safety and security of your puppy and can greatly assists in house training while you are temporarily away from home. 4W x 10L x 6H or 4W x 8L x 6H run is also an acceptable size for a medium to large breed dog.
  • Lots and Lots of Toys - Quality hard rubber for chewing, eyeless and buttonless stuffed toys for snuggling and carrying..
  • Dog Blanket or Matt or Thin, Soft Dog Bed- optional place for the dog to settle on his own or when he has learned the "down stay" or "go lay down" command.

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