Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Insomnia = Justifiable Homicide?

Justifiable Homicide? some times late at night I think...
I'll take my chances if the judge a woman!

There once was a tired man from Trout Creek,
whose snoring was making his girl freak.
She plotted and planned,
where his body would land.
He's toast once she's perfected her technique.

There once was a man and his dog,
who found themselves in tonights blog.
With my trying to sleep,
both their snoring did compete.
Sure wish I could quiet that man and his dog.

There once was a woman in love
with the man she once dreamed of
But the sound of his snore,
she could take no more.
Oh the torture that woman did conceive of

There once was a man who was kicked to the floor
cause he woke the whole house with his very loud snore.
He begged and he pleaded,
and claimed he was needed.
Oh, that man better know of a good jewelry store.

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