Saturday, September 17, 2011

So I ask you.... Saint or Passive Aggressive?

Ian is a saint, or so everyone keeps telling me, our friends, his friends, my mom (traitor), everyone. I even agree with them sometimes cause really he does put up with me. I know, it's hard to believe I'm not perfect. It's true, not everyone could put up with me, I am a tad overbearing, just slightly judgmental and a little bit of a know it all opinionated. I admit a few hours spent arguing with and getting my fathers goat over the kitchen table is a favorite past time of mine but what can I say I love me and so does he. But is he a Saint? Yes Ian gets up with the dogs on the weekend to let me sleep in if I wish ....or is it so he has an extra hour or two to himself?. Yes, he rarely argues with me and lets me have my way on most things just to keep me happy ....or is it just to keep me quiet and out of the little of what's left of his hair? Yes, Ian does the majority of cooking around here but come on, I know that's just because he wants to eat! Ok yes he's pretty good, I can't deny it but a Saint? You tell me.

Scene- 3 PM Call to Ian's cell phone.
Me: Brrrrrrrrrrr
Ian before me: Note- Hair lots, Hair black, Smile on face.
Ian: I'm on my way home I'm planning on cleaning the chimney when I get there.

Scene- Ian gets in the door.
Me: Brrrrrrrrrrr
Ian: I'm on it, I'm on it.

Scene- Ian on the roof.
Me: I got 9.1 dialed on the phone
Ian: Could you hold the bottom of the ladder?
Me: Ok but are sure you just don't want me to keep my finger over the last 1, cause you don't really expect me to catch you if you fall do you?
Ian: Hold the ladder women!

Scene- Ian off the roof and getting ready to shower.
Me: Brrrrrrrrrr
Ian: Silence

Scene- Ian eating his supper.
Ian after me: Note- Very little hair, Completely grey,
No room left on the couch
Me: Brrrrrrrrrr didn't you start a fire?
Ian: No, you didn't really want me to start a fire did you? It's supposed to warm up and we'll just bake all night and not get any sleep.
Me: Brrrrrrrrr

Scene- Later that night ,Ian returns from the basement.
Me: Hey, what were you doing down there?
Ian: I just started a fire.
Me: Bites tongue, contorts face
Ian: What! You wanted a fire!!!!
Me: Yes but that was hours ago, now the house will just heat up in time for bed and we're gonna bake all night.
Me: Ian are you alright? Your face looks a little red.

So I ask you.... Saint or Passive Aggressive?

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